Professor Shiun-Jeng WANG

Central Police University


      In any social group, there will always be a handful of people with bad intentions. In the present scenario, the number of the global Internet users has already crossed one hundred million mark and even if the percentage of the population which performs illegal activities, also known as ‘Hackers’ is under one percent, the number is alarmingly high. To prevent hackers from invading and insure internet safety, we established Information Cryptology & Construction Lab in December, 1988. .
      This laboratory is located in Information building of the Central Police University. At present, there are twenty members in this laboratory, and all members are passionate for research in the areas such Information security, Information concealment and brisk searching. Under the leadership Professor Shiuh Jeng Wang, we get to study the latest method which apply to data constructs and Internet security. We try to make the Internet more safer to use and enhance the searching speed of every application software.


       Because the changing of information technology, it is more and more important to protect the data and hide information. No matter in software or communication, the security issue must be strengthened; in order to prevent it for this reason, studying the knowledge of cryptography becomes an important subject. Due to this reason, we established the ICCL in December of the 87th year of the Republic of China.

       Just because we realize the demand for the security in the future, we are devoted to looking for the way that can be improved through on current technology, and making the new developing method complete. Through the two directions, we expect that we can offer more safe and perfect encryption to solve information safety problem.


        This lab is dedicated in the development of data-transmitting mechanism on the Internet, strengthening the data-transmitting procedure to avoid many kinds of security threats and to establish a connection with trust and security. Besides, it also helps the policeman in developing operations for acquiring digital evidence with effectiveness, transparency, and justice.
        Based on these targets, the future developing directions should be to develop more secure crypto logical systems and to pursue research in computer forensics for its procedure and application.